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The Figgers Foundation is giving foster youth the freedom and joy of a bicycle.

Many foster children enter care with the clothes on their back and little else. While meeting basic needs is imperative, so is helping kids feel loved, accepted and capable. A bike is a gift that offers physical activity, the opportunity to meet and play with friends and even transportation to school or an after school job.

Through a partnership with Together We Rise, we will directly impact the lives of children letting them know that their lives matter and are valued. Our goal is to provide bicycles to youth in foster care across the United States Through our partnerships, we will be able to ensure that children experience the childhood memories of learning to ride their first bike, regardless of their financial background and lack of family support.

We believe older youth receiving bicycles will provide them with a safe and reliable form of transportation to school or work, allowing them to pursue their educational goals while earning a steady income. Every dollar given goes towards fulfilling the wishes of foster youth.

We know that one positive action creates many more and we hope that you will donate or become a Figgers Foundation Corporate Partner.

Bikes for Bright Futures

Recognizing the importance of access to transportation and recreational opportunities, the foundation's initiative aims to empower these young individuals with a means of independent mobility and a source of happiness.

Through the provision of bicycles, the Figgers Foundation not only enhances their physical well-being but also fosters a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency.

By creating opportunities for exploration, adventure, and connection with their communities, this philanthropic endeavor instills a sense of belonging and hope for a brighter future in the lives of countless young souls.

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