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William Cullen McCormick, Jr.

Council Member

William Cullen McCormick, Jr., is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Americlaims Billing, Inc.

McCormick is a 30-year pharmaceutical and healthcare executive that’s been recognized across the country for his high standards and excellent work in revenue cycle management and claim adjudication efficiency.

Throughout his 30-year career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Mr. McCormick has developed and enhanced a strong set of core competencies in various areas of healthcare and is considered to be an expert on many healthcare service matters.

McCormick, has worked to transform companies from simple ideas into essential performing healthcare service companies. He has consistently demonstrated proven expertise in implementing systems, sales and marketing, controls and procedures to ensure efficient and ethical operations for healthcare systems. McCormick has gained his national reputation for being a detail oriented and very skilled executive and logistical troubleshooter and problem solver, with a proven ability to multi-task managing multiple projects within timeframes and budgetary constraints.

The former college standout and minor league baseball signee with the Chicago Whitesox began his journey of entrepreneurship when he launched his first business enterprise from his home garage in 1992. Within short order, Cullen Medical Supplies became a full serviced disposable medical supply and medical equipment company that grew into a recognized supplier of quality medical products and services throughout south Florida.

Using a vertical integration model, McCormick formed and developed Cullen Home Health Pharmacy, a specialized home delivery pharmaceutical service company that within three years, he grew that company into one of the most respected and successful home delivery company of I.V. Medications and Prescription Drugs serving monthly over 4,000 patients diagnosed with Cancer and HIV/AIDS in south Florida.

After twelve years of providing esteem healthcare service to more than four thousand customers a month, McCormick decided to sell his business to a national drug company. Since that time, McCormick has been engaged in other successful business ventures as an investor and advisor.

McCormick believes that he has “an obligation to give back.” He’s a well-respected philanthropist and has given his time and money to various charitable efforts.

He currently was selected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Florida Memorial University, he’s the immediate past president of the Fort Lauderdale Branch NAACP, the recipient of numerous professional and community service awards, including the Florida Small Business of the Year Entrepreneurship Award, the NAACP Civil Rights Award, the Florida Memorial University Alumni Hall of Fame Award and many others. McCormick earned his MBA from Colorado Technical University with a specialization in Healthcare Administration, the father of one daughter and husband of 30 years. He enjoys golf, reading, traveling and public speaking.

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