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Dr. Willie Myles

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Certified Business Engagement Professional, Author, Clinician, Lecturer, Minister, Educator

Dr. Willie Myles has a total of 40 years of being a vocal advocate for children. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Jackson State University in Jackson MS; a master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Early Childhood Education from Jackson State University, and an Education Doctorate from the Fischler School of Education and Human Services with a concentration in Family Systems from Nova Southeastern University in Davie Florida.

He was a Brazelton Fellow and attended Harvard Medical School Symposium focusing on working with infants and families at risk. He is also a Certified Business Engagement Professional, and Ordained Minister who attended the Creflo Dollar Ministries Bible School. He also founded, and operated a non-profit, faith-based and nationally accredited human services organization in Florida for 19 years. The organization provided culturally competent community mental health services, child abuse prevention services, and group homes for hard to place teens that were in the child welfare and juvenile delinquency system.

He has received hundreds of awards and honors during a 30-year professional period in the child and family services field. Additionally, he has received significant print and television coverage highlighting his work with families and children at risk.

He is a single parent who adopted three teen males from the foster care system who are now adults. Two of his sons have undergraduate degrees and one has an MBA. Dr. Myles is on staff at several colleges and universities.

Dr Myles is presently the President of Dr. Willie Myles Children’s Foundation located in Atlanta GA. The Foundations Mission is- “Making Children the Priority”. The Foundations operations is designed to support children services and to provide community mini grants. The mini grants will be awarded to community base organizations with the focus of addressing social justice in education, health, justice systems and economics. The Foundation focuses on how these systems impact children. The Foundation features weekly IG Livestreams which addresses issues affecting all children regardless of race, creed, or national origin.

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