Acts of Kindness: The Figgers Foundation Rally Together to Assist Paralyzed Local Tallahassee Woman

December 21, 2023

From the Heart: Tallahassee's Philanthropic Leaders Step Up for Paralyzed Woman in Need.

Local entrepreneur and philanthropist Freddie Figgers has undertaken a commendable initiative to assist Tallahassee resident April Stevens in the spirit of holiday generosity and community support. Figgers and local Pastor Greg James have combined to support April Stevens, who suffered a terrible accident on August 12..

"On our way back home, on Highway 20, my car just… I went around someone and started fish-tailing, threw me off into the parking lot."  April Stevens

The accident resulted in the loss of April’s ability to walk, prompting the Figgers, James, and the community to rally behind her.

Months after the life-altering incident, April found herself relying on a makeshift wooden plank to navigate in and out of her home. Recognizing the need for immediate action, local entrepreneur Freddie Figgers and area pastor Gregory James joined forces with Lockwood Construction to construct a new ramp for Stevens, enhancing her accessibility and quality of life.

Through the Figger Foundation, they have also established a scholarship fund for her children, provided $25,000 in cash assistance, and set up a regular food delivery service to ease her daily challenges.

Pastor James, whose church, Life Church International, stands near the site of the accident, expressed how the incident deeply affected him.

"It moved me because we're having church, and then an accident occurs."  Pastor Greg James

This emotional connection prompted him to view it as a calling, inspiring him and his team to extend their assistance to neighbors in need throughout the community. Freddie Figgers, known for his philanthropic efforts, emphasized the importance of taking action.

"Our whole basis of life is to make a difference in the lives of others."   Freddie Figgers

In addition to assisting April, the Figgers Foundation, in collaboration with Pastor James, has committed to delivering ramps to three different nursing homes in Tallahassee, extending their impact beyond individual cases. It is one of many charitable projects undertaken by the Figgers Foundation.

For April Stevens, the support from her community has brought immeasurable joy. "It brings me so much joy," she shared, highlighting the profound impact that acts of kindness and community collaboration can have on individuals facing adversity. April also acknowledges the strong support she has received from her friends and family.

As this initiative continues to unfold, it serves as a testament to the power of community-driven philanthropy and the positive change that can be achieved when neighbors come together to make a difference in the lives of those facing challenges.

The story of April Stevens and the collaborative efforts of Freddie Figgers and Pastor Gregory James exemplify the true spirit of compassion and unity within the Southwest Tallahassee community and is a great story to inspire others leading into Christmas.

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