Figgers Foundation Show Holiday Kindness To Sodalis Tallahassee and Cheer the Senior Citizens At River Chase Health And Rehabilitation Center in Florida

December 26, 2023

In an ongoing effort to combat the loneliness and isolation often felt by seniors during the holiday season, the Figgers Foundation has once again demonstrated its commitment to community and compassion. This time, the foundation extended its reach to River Chase Health and Rehabilitation Center in Quincy, Florida, and in Sodalis Tallahassee Assisted Living, where over 30 senior citizen residents were the recipients of a thoughtful and festive initiative aimed at brightening their holidays.

The gesture of kindness

At the heart of this recent endeavor was the desire to ensure that every senior felt the warmth and joy of the season, a time when the absence of family and friends can be particularly poignant. The Figgers Foundation, guided by the compassionate vision of its founder, Freddie Figgers, recognizes the profound impact that a gesture of kindness can have on the well-being and spirits of elderly individuals, especially during the holidays.

This initiative holds deep personal resonance for Figgers, who recently experienced the loss of his beloved mother, Betty Mae Reed Figgers. In her honor and memory, the foundation is committed to ensuring that the festive season is a time of happiness and inclusion for all.

The staff at River Chase Health and Rehabilitation Center collaborated closely with the Figgers Foundation to meticulously plan and execute the gift-giving.

Fulfilling wishes

Building on the success and heartfelt reception of their previous initiatives impacting the lives of senior citizens, the Figgers Foundation replicated its model of personalization and care. In this latest effort, the team worked diligently to understand and fulfill the individual wishes of over 30 residents. Each senior was encouraged to share their Christmas wish, whether it be a particular gift that reminded them of home or something as simple as a favorite book or music.

Personalized gesture of care

The Figgers Foundation's team, filled with a mix of volunteers and staff, spent time selecting, wrapping, and personally delivering each gift. The smiles and sometimes tears of joy from the residents served as a testament to the impact of these personalized gestures. For many seniors, these weren't just gifts; they were tangible representations of care and the feeling of being remembered and valued.

A festive spirit

The initiative didn’t stop at personalized gifts. Recognizing the power of music and communal gatherings to uplift spirits, the foundation also scheduled concerts on December 21st and 22nd. These events are designed to fill the halls with music, laughter, and a sense of community, transforming the nursing home into a place of celebration and warmth. Through these concerts, residents and staff alike can enjoy the festive spirit together, creating memories that will last beyond the season.

Year-long Support

As the holiday season continues, the residents of this senior facility will look back on this time as a bright spot, a moment when the world outside remembers them with love and generosity. For the Figgers Foundation, these efforts are not just seasonal gestures but are indicative of a year-round commitment to uplifting, supporting, and honoring the most vulnerable and often overlooked members of society.

These initiatives of the Figgers Foundation are a testament to Freddie Figgers' commitment to community and philanthropy. It reflects a broader mission to address and mitigate the challenges faced by the most vulnerable members of society, not just during the holidays but all year round.

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