Florida Seniors Get Cutting-Edge Telehealth Devices from Figgers Foundation

May 31, 2024

State Attorney Partners with Foundation on Major Project to assist Florida Seniors

In a major step towards bridging the digital divide for seniors, The Figgers Foundation, a renowned nonprofit tackling technological inequity globally, partnered with State Attorney Andrew Bain to distribute 105 free advanced telehealth tablets to elderly residents in Orlando earlier this month. 

97-year-old community icon Mother Mable Butler hosted the special event at the L. Claudia Allen Senior Center.

The tablets, equipped with 5G connectivity, and unlimited voice, text, and data plans, are designed to help seniors access telehealth services and stay connected with loved ones.

"Ensuring our senior citizens have access to secure, reliable technology is more critical than ever," said State Attorney Bain. "This initiative empowers seniors with essential healthcare access and vital community links, protecting and uplifting our elders in an increasingly digital world."

The distribution was made even more poignant by taking place on Mother Butler's 97th birthday. Despite her age, she remains actively involved in serving the Orlando community and still drives herself. Her lifetime of service provided an inspirational backdrop.

"Combating isolation has been one of the biggest challenges for seniors, especially amid the pandemic," said Freddie Figgers, Chairman of The Figgers Foundation. "With these tablets, they can regularly video chat with family, attend virtual wellness classes, and access critical telehealth services from home."

The initiative addresses a major inequity - only 40% of adults aged 65+ have broadband internet access at home. This "gray gap" makes it difficult for seniors to use digital healthcare innovations.

The Figgers Foundation aims to empower an underserved population with independence, freedom from socioeconomic barriers, and improved quality of life by providing free devices and data plans.

"Telehealth has such powerful potential, but only if we ensure equal access," Bain stated. "No senior should be cut off from family connections or vital care simply due to lack of technology."

The partnership between the Florida-based nonprofit and the State Attorney's office underscores their shared commitment to protecting vulnerable groups like the elderly. Similar tablet distribution events are being planned across the state.

As Mother Butler celebrated nearly a century of life, her local community gained a pioneering lifeline to 21st-century resources - a fitting gift honoring her decades of service to Orlando.

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