The Figgers Foundation Bridging the Digital Divide with the Flite Center of Broward County

April 11, 2024

An extraordinary collaboration between The Figgers Foundation and the FLITE Center has resulted in a remarkable endeavor to redefine mental health care for vulnerable kids. This innovative collaboration provides cutting-edge Healthcare Tablets with 5G internet connectivity, giving youngsters moving out of foster care free access to crucial telehealth services. These tablets act as lifelines, providing quick aid and support with the touch of a button, signifying hope and empowerment for young people facing significant obstacles.  

Furthermore, the use of 5G connectivity provides flawless telehealth sessions, allowing for clear and dependable communication with healthcare specialists to provide effective mental health treatment and support. These tablets, with revolutionary features like instant location monitoring and push-to-talk capabilities, serve as an important security blanket, ensuring speedy reaction in life-threatening circumstances. Aside from healthcare access, the tablets function as educational instruments, providing access to a world of information and learning and promoting the holistic development of at-risk adolescents. This collaboration demonstrates a commitment to diversity, bridging the digital divide, and creating a better, more inclusive future for vulnerable children.

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